Medical services at home

Medical consultations at home in the Geneva canton

Medical consultations at home

Each patient has a referring doctor, who guarantees continuity of care.

Having a family doctor allows patients to continue living at home as long as possible, reducing hospital stays.

This outpatient care avoids unnecessary, and potentially harmful, travel.

Network of care

All care is organized around the patient at home, in coordination with nurses, homehelp services, physiotherapists and pharmacists.

This patient-centered network allows better medical follow-up.

Our approach is to place the patient at the center of the home health care network by helping in all decision concerning their health.

The different therapeutic options are chosen according to the patient’s will, respecting medical confidentiality and privacy.

Medical coordination

Médecins à domicile is the link between the patient, the specialist doctors, the laboratories, the pharmacies and the hospitals.

Every day, we coordinate various interventions in consultation with all health actors, improving the quality of overall healthcare of the patient and their lives.

Médecins à domicile is the first home-based family doctor service in the Geneva canton.

We deliver healthcare services at home for people who can not leave their home.

Relationship with medical specialists

Médecins à domicile is the link between the specialist doctors, the patient and his/her family and others.

Having a home doctor provides access to better medical care in complex cases.


At the request of the patients, we intervene with the EMS to assure medical follow-up.
Our priority is to integrate our services into the health system set up in each institution.

Cooperation between care teams and home doctors is the assurance of the quality of care.


For each treatment, we contact the referent pharmacy to coordinate the medical care at home and ensure, along with the pharmacist, an optimal therapeutic compliance.

This patient-centered care network enables better medical follow-up by optimizing care and communication between the various stakeholders.

Each patient has a referring doctor who follows him up at home, which guarantees continuity of care.

This mobile care allows patients to access care while staying at home.

Persons with disabilities

Having a doctor visiting the home is one of the essential parameters of care for people with disabilities.

Médecins à domicile visits patients at home or in different facilities and establishments of the Geneva canton.

Objectives are set jointly with the patient and his entourage to improve the autonomy and quality of life of each.

The goal is to meet the basic and specific needs of sometimes complex situations in respect of the patient, regardless of their disability.

Additional tests

All our doctors have at their disposal ambulatory medical equipment, allowing them to complete the medical examination on site and to prevent any unnecessary travels to hospitals.

  • – Electrocardiogram.
  • – Pulse Oximeter.
  • – Ambulatory measurement of blood pressure for 24 hours (MAPA).
  • – Detection of sleep breathing disorders.
  • – Spirometry (test of the respiratory function).
  • – Blood test.

Medical consultations at home in the Geneva canton

Our reception is open from Monday to Friday between 8:00 to 19:00 non-stop

Medical consultations at home in the Geneva canton

Our reception is open from Monday to Friday between 8:00 to 19:00 non-stop